Stuffed Fables Extra Stuffies

I really enjoy Stuffed Fables- and I also enjoy the miniatures quite a lot.

One thing that I thought was fun was that Stuffed Fables got some neat mini expansions for downloading. There’s a fun extra story that fits in the middle of the campaign, and the Stuffed Fables coloring book.

The coloring book features each Stuffy in glorious black and white (some without names so you can name them after your own Teddy bears) as well as two new heroes for our adventures- a Giraffe and a Dog (each with unique rules).

My daughter dubbed the dog “Dotty” and the Giraffe “Zeb” so those are the names they go by in our campaign. I sculpted the dog entirely from green stuff, while the Giraffe was a mix of bits and sculpting (the wrench, for example, is from a Reaper Bones mini).

Overall, the Stuffed Fables was loads of fun, and I can’t wait to see everything for Aftermath.

I used the artwork pretty directly to turn this character into a mini. I considered giving her a weapon, but I couldn’t figure out how she’d hold one (maybe in her mouth?)

I reposed the Giraffe quite a lot- giving him more of an action pose, and gave him a weapon that he could plausibly get.

Below are the rest of the Stuffed Fables set that I painted, so you can see how they fit in with the group.

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