Chibi Entries at Reapercon

I really love to attend Reapercon. Of the whole convention circuit, it is the one most focused on miniature painting (with all of the classes and events geared very much toward painting.

The crowning event of the convention is the painting competition. Each miniature is ranked individually (and can be awarded a bronze, silver or gold medal) and then they compete with one another in the various manufacturer categories.

This year is the first time I entered a Reaper miniature that was eligible to compete in the Sophies, and I won the bronze Sophie for the Painting category (that is for entries that aren’t dioramas or heavily converted).

Monique Denoir

I was pleased with the paintjob on her, and I’m happy that she could compete with the many very well painted Reaper miniatures in the competition (every year there are quite a few fantastic entries- this year was no exception). I’m glad the judges appreciated her.

My other entry was a gold medalist as well. This is the Tusk Raider (from Sodapop Miniatures). He was a bit of a handful to paint and compose-unlike most chibis, he really calls for a fairly neutral color scheme. Ultimately, I think he turned out rather well also, and was awarded a gold medal.

I had a third entry that was judged, but I’ll be posting it later (when I’ve got proper photographs of him). Ultimately, I left the convention with two gold medals and a very large (and inconvenient to travel with) Sophie Trophy.

(By the way, Reaper makes the best trophies, even if they are difficult to fit into a suitcase at the end of the con)

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