The Wide Range of Wedding Cake Toppers

Every one of the wedding cake toppers that I make are custom designs. In the end, this means that the cake toppers can be as varied as the people for whom I make them.

Here are a few of the crazy different ones that I’ve made for very different couples- even if you don’t consider how wide the range of people and wedding dresses I match are.

Here’s a cake topper for a couple that wanted to do without the fandom tributes
Here is a couple that chose to have their cake toppers holding video game controllers. It always makes me happy to hear how many of my clients have met through gaming.
This couple used the same concept, but they wanted the television to show exactly what they were up to.
And here is one from a couple that wanted a more specific game reference on their cake
This couple had me go a step further and match the MMO characters they play together.
This couple had me match their Dungeons and Dragons characters. D&D characters make for great toppers
And, of course, gaming isn’t limited to fantasy settings.

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