Super Dungeon Bosses

Evil has many faces, even when it is kind of cute. Here are some of the generals working under the Dark Consul. They represent the highest caliber of evil in Super Dungeon Explore. This is a set of bosses for Super Dungeon Explore that I painted for a client.

This gnome has gone mad with his Gnomish Excavator! Or else there was a simple misunderstanding when the heroes started looting the gnomish mines i
The Forgotten King stands at the head of his chimera army awaiting the day when he can free himself from the curse
Starfire rules over the mountains that share his name
But it is a little known fact that Starfire was born triplets.
But I’m not sure where Starfrost and Starnether live
Original Flavor Roxor
And extra spicy
Tetsudo Tower may be lord of the rocktops for now
And Onibaba, the unassuming little old lady
who is one of the most vicious bosses around

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