Starcadia Quest’s linup of personalities includes a lot of delightful tributes to popular science fiction, and no science fiction is more popular than Star Wars. Star Wars references and jokes pervade the game, far beyond the Thorntroopers expansion.

Here are a number of terrific Star Wars inspired characters fighting for Starcadia.

Phasma’s silver armor is a brilliant NMM opportunity
Vader always steals the show
A bit more wear and tear here, like the ATST that fights Mando

When I started painting heroes for Starcadia Quest, I decided to use a “Borderlands” or “Comic Book” style- outlining a lot of areas in black to give them the illusion of lineart or cell shading. I really love how that turned out on these, and I’m quite excited to use the same technique on more chibis.

The outlining shows up most on the lighter colors, but it makes quite a difference on the dark
gun as well
I feel like this mini is a beautiful mix of Jedi and Dragonball villain
It took a while to decide whether to paint this one up as a Sith or Jedi
Leia’s red dress from Empire is really underappreciated