Kingdom Death Phoenixes

I sometimes wonder if there is only one phoenix that is constantly being reborn as it dies, or if there are several members of this elusive species.

At any rate, I’ve had the opportunity to paint the Phoenix three times in three different color schemes. Here they are:

For this phoenix, I based the color scheme on bright tropical birds like parrots, with a strong fade between vibrant colors to represent the irridescent feathers. With all the very bright colors, I went for darker areas on the skin tones- which also matches tropical birds
To represent the irridescent feathers of this phoenix, I used metallic paints. The effect was made stronger because the Kingdom Death Monster set this belongs to uses all non-metallic metal techniques, so the magical feathers stand out nicely
This phoenix is one that I painted for my chibi Kingdom Death set. You can see that I replaced the mouth face and sculpted the eyes to be a bit larger. I think if I were to do it again, I’d use lighter colors for the feathers, it ends up being a bit dark on the table.

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