I’m a long time Blood Bowl player but it took me a long time to get my first Slann team.

They’re a really odd team in so many ways. Their rules were approved by Jervis Johnson back in the day, but they weren’t made official by GW because GW wasn’t making Blood Bowl minis at the time.

During the “Dark Times” the NAF hosted a Slann list that was approved for all tournaments and the “Icepelt” definitive version of the Living Rulebook featured them alongside some mixed teams like Underworld and Chaos Pact. Nowdays their rules are hosted by the NAF and allowed in tournaments.

They play really weird, and there are a number of cool “frog teams” available from third parties. This one comes from Greebo Games and fits in perfectly with all the official newer Blood Bowl stuff.

For painting them, I focused on making their skin textured like proper toads. Here are the results.

I like to think of this mini as Thanotoad.
The catchers are the team’s real stars.