Wedding Cake Topper with Class. Character Class

I met my wife playing Dungeons and Dragons at the local game store. We were both invited to the same game, eventually I ended up running that game and a short time after I killed her character, we were wed.

I really love some of the cake toppers I get inspired by various RPG characters- whether they be MMO character or tabletop RPGs.

Here are a few ways that some of my clients have found to express this shared interest in their cake toppers.

This couple wanted to be armed as per their character classes
This couple went a little more subtle with the D20
The book next to her has a beholder on the cover
And this couple had me create a whole scene including a table full of RPG books. I think she’s making an important roll.
This couple had a lot of things going on- but the D20 is unmistakable

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