Something from my childhood

So, I joined the many who were not surprised to see Space Hulk come out of Games Workshop’s mystery box. GW’s just never been very good at keeping a secret.

What I was surprised to see is just how beautiful they’ve made the game look.

These are easily the most beautiful terminators that we’ve ever seen from Citidel. And on top of that, we even have genestealers in, (gasp) NEW POSES.

Yes! There are over twenty genestealers in the box, and not one of them is in the traditional genestealer pose (established in the first Space Hulk game).

I started miniatures gaming with Space Crusade– the Milton Bradley/Games Workshop joint project. I think it was very clear that they meant for the game to be Space Hulk for a younger audience (I was ten or eleven). I played a little bit of Space Hulk back then, and a little more when the second edition rolled around. Both games worked fairly well (I preferred the first edition to the second) but overall, I’m excited to see this game come back. I even have some Tyranid Attack/Advanced Space Crusade board sections, that I’m sure would make great tiles for the game (I hear they even fit together).

One of my best memories of the old days of Space Hulk was an article from Dragon Magazine featuring missions with dancing space marines. Oh, good times.

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  1. Aaron Keeley

    I stumbled on your blog from Dakka today and was taking a look around, I also used to game at the Keep until I moved back to CA.

    Anyway, I bought Space Hulk the other day even though I told myself I wouldn't. It really is very designed. The miniatures look great, though there are a few ill-placed mold lines. I really like that they went with colored plastic (Space Marines are red, 'Nids purple) rather than the typical gray so you can play right out of the box. The tiles are sturdy and very nice looking. There are 12 missions though another was put up on the GW site.

    In short, I haven't been this impressed with a GW product in a long time.

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