Studio McVey minis… wow. 2

So, Studio McVey started producing resin miniatures recently. And my, oh my, they are leading in with some fine pieces.

Studio McVey
is run by Mike and Ali McVey.

You might know Mike McVey from his work with Games Workshop- he was leading up the ‘Eavy Metal team in the 80s and 90s, and had a major hand in starting up the Citidel’s line of paints. You might know him from his work with Privateer Press, he was one of their original sculptors and painters and as Rivet Head studios wrote a number of the Warmachine Painting Tutorials- and he started up the P3 line of paints. You might even know him from some of his other works in sculpting and painting miniatures, since he’s done a lot.

Ali McVey, on the other hand, is simply one of the very best painters in the world, and is only a little quieter about it.

So I can’t say that I’m surprised that when they put together a miniatures line, they’re only producing brilliant miniatures for painting. So far, they only have two sculpts available, but they are both georgeous sculpts.

By the way, both are limited edition sculpts, only 750 are available. So we’ll see if they’re still available in a month.

2 thoughts on “Studio McVey minis… wow.

  1. Anonymous Sep 16,2009 9:22 am

    I think you mean Rivet Head Studios. 😉

    A friend of mine purchased this figure from Studio McVey and was floored by it. He said it will really challenge his skills as a painter.

  2. Drew Olds Sep 18,2009 4:08 pm

    Yeah, I can see why.

    One interesting thing about this mini is that the McVeys couldn't decide who got to paint the studio mini, so they both painted one up. Since they don't need two, they put together a drawing to give away the winner's choice between them.

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