New Lt. Allister Caine miniature! 2

Ok, I love Warmachine, and I especially love Allister Caine. So I was excited to find out that they were doing a new sculpt of my favorite warcaster. But now I’ve seen it for myself.

A dynamic pose for a dynamic warcaster. Anyway, check out Privateer Press’ gallery for a 360 view of him.

2 thoughts on “New Lt. Allister Caine miniature!

  1. Jyggdrasil Oct 23,2009 1:31 pm

    The 360 really makes that figure shine.

    Myself, I am really looking forward to seeing the Skarre resculpt. ESkarre is (IMHO) one of the best warcaster models.

  2. Drew Olds Oct 23,2009 3:28 pm

    True, eSkarre is one of the very best out there, but pSkarre is rather ugly.

    I hope they pull pSkarre up to eSkarre's level.

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