As Warmachine news goes, this one was pretty predictable.

Ok, we all knew that this day was coming. Ever since the Bastions were first discovered as plastics, we all knew that soon there would be plastic warjack kits replacing the old kits.

And then the Retribution heavy warjacks were all plastic kits with three variants in a $30 box set, so we all knew for sure that there would be warjack plastic kits for all of the other factions with three in a box.

Well, now we actually have it in front of us. On Privateer’s site, there are three new warjacks announced, each one of them fits onto an existing hull that already belongs to two other warjacks. They’re all new sculpts of the oldest warjack minis in the game.

This announcement is coinciding with their release of Grind, a stand alone board game that features a ton of plastic warjack minis- I really wonder if they’re just blue of red colored versions of this same plastic kit (with special Grind weapons and arms). This mini has me wondering if I couldn’t get grind and make myself a few extra heavy warjacks out of the bits.

Anyway, this is one of the big anticipations from PP’s plastics line. Now, our biggest anticipation is to see some new plastic cavalry minis.