The guys at Bastion have a strange new idea for a hybrid game- a hybrid between computer games and tabletop miniatures games.

How they’ve described it is this: you use your iphone or blackberry or laptop to run a program that does all calculations for you, and pulls all random numbers for you and even calculates movement for you (so you don’t use dice or a ruler).

I’m not 100% behind this, honestly. I wonder if gamers love the sound of dice too much to give it up. I mean, if I’m just glancing at my phone and it tells me that my troopers are dead, it isn’t the same as failing 15 saving throws in a row. Those fickle dice gods, how I love and loath them.

Anyway, they have pre-beta sign ups right now, but I think that the full release will be on Friday the 13th of this month. I’m sure they’re just flaunting their lack of superstition here. But if the dice gods can’t hurt them, Jason probably doesn’t stand a chance.

I have had a chance to look over some of their miniatures, and they are rather nice. They are all plastic, and have some strong detail for plastic minis. I’ll wait to hear what everyone thinks of the game, but I do think I ought to paint up this Angel that I have.