With Warmachine Mark II on the horizon, Privateer Press has promised that each of the main factions will be receiving one new warcaster and one new warjack, along with a lot of other potential goodies.

We’ve seen the new Warjacks for Khador, Cygnar, the Protectorate and Cryx. Shortly after that, we got to see the artwork for Mark II stuff (all are prints by Andrea Underzo). In the prints, there was a new guy:

This is Kommander Strakhov. From what I can tell, he is accompanied by assault kommandos, and he might actually be a former assault kommando. But right now, all we know about him for sure is that he looks like this.

Just yesterday, we received another preview of a warcaster. This time, for Cygnar:
Captain Kara Sloan is her name, and again, we know almost nothing for certain. However, I rather think that she is going to do something with the long gunners.

And that makes me wonder about the new Tier system that Warmachine Mark II is using. Honestly, the game looks like it might end up getting rather bloated from all of the available units in each faction, but what Privateer Press seem to be doing about that is making each warcaster lead a specific kind of force (always one that is very fluffy) and give the player bonuses if he is playing it.

It is possible that these new warcasters are here to fill out the different forces. Maybe Cygnar did not have a long gunner warcaster before, and maybe Khador did not have an assault commando warcaster. It would make sense.

But this is all just speculation right now anyway.