Tabletop Gaming News is once again holding their annual

Yes, so go on over to and have a look at what we have to show from 20009. Go ahead and vote while you’re at it.

Some of my highlights for the year have made their list. For example, their best fantasy miniatures contenders include Thagrosh the Messiah from Hordes, the new Skaven Screaming Bell from GW and several entries from Avatars of War- including the Minotaur Lord.

However, the best thing that this list is good for is introducing us to new miniatures that we might not have noticed otherwise. For example, somehow I missed Reaper’s new Frost Giant Princess, and a lot of the outstanding contenders from Hell Dorado this year, including Montbard and the impressive Eurynome.

That is a lot to choose from, and that is part of the reason why TGN’s awards are consistently of high quality. It does make the voting more difficult.

Of course, I might have to go out and get a lot of these minis too. I mean, just look at them.