A while ago, I decided that I wanted to collect and paint a Movie Space Marine force. For those of you saying “huh?” right now, Movie Marines were an unofficial force list that was included in White Dwarf 300.

The force list itself is full of satire and self awareness. We all know that Space Marines can’t actually function in game the same way they do in the fluff and fiction, but it seems wrong that there’s so much disparity between the unlucky terminator who is killed by a lasgun when he rolls a 1 on his save, and the terminators who can stand back to back and take on the entire Hive Fleet Behemoth by themselves. I mean, in Space Hulk, my terminators are panicking when they see one Broodlord showing up.

Anyway, the Movie Marines list represents Space Marines as action heroes from a film. Ten Space Marines gives you a 1500 point army.

So I decided that I’d like to spend as much time converting and painting ten marines as I would normally use on a 1500 point army. I’ve posted most of these up in other place before, so I’ll start with the most recently finished marines.

I’m not quite done with them all just yet, but I’m getting close. I have three more converted Marines to paint, and one tank to go with them.