Yes, there has been a lot going on with Privateer Press lately. The company has just launched Warmachine into Mark II, it has just finished the field test to do the same for Hordes, and it has recently started replacing many of its older warjacks with plastic kits. And faction books are on the way.

But there’s something else they’ve started doing recently. They’ve started previewing many of their new minis online.

For a long time, we’ve received previews of upcoming Warmachine books through No Quarter magazine. These have always had mixed reviews, since they would often preview so much that when the book was released, it felt like there was hardly anything new in it.

That hasn’t changed. The most recent issue of No Quarter previews two new units each for the upcomming Khador and Cygnar books.

Now, they’ve started previewing their new models online. Now, we don’t have to wait until the next No Quarter comes out to read the rules on the minis that we’ll be drooling over for a month or two before they’re released.

Mind, the most recent one happens to be a mini that I already have. Yep, good old Taryn di la Rovissi has been sitting in my painting box, just waiting for me to make a steampunk gunslinger character in an RPG. Well, she need wait no more.

You can find some others if you start looking around. Tabletop Gaming News has compiled cards for the previewed Rhulic warjack and Protectorate of Menoth units.