Many are still wondering exactly what the switch to faction specific books will do to Warmachine and Hordes. One part of the puzzle that hasn’t landed yet is what will become of the Hordes Minions who aren’t associated with any faction?

As part of a hint heavy episode of Privateer Press’ “Insider,” Jason Soles announced that he has been working hard on some new additions to the Minions Faction Book.

What could be in a Minions faction book? It might make Minions into a playable faction- in the same way that Mercenaries became a faction with Escalation.

Mind, that was an accident. Privateer Press spent a year telling people that Mercenaries were not a faction before creating more detailed rule in No Quarter #1.

While I’m sure that Privateer Press staffers want to avoid that trouble a second time, I think they also have been pretty open to adding new factions deliberately. The first two forces books we saw were the Pirates of the Broken Coast and the Retribution of Scyrah.

Some of my friends have taken the way that the new Hordes PDF cards for the minion warlocks to mean that there will be more Gatorman and Farrow warbeasts. There could be a lot more than that going on too.

So, will Minions become a faction of their own? Or will they simply add enough new minions to the existing ranks to fill out an entire book?