Hordes Minion Farrow Warlock on the horizon

Alliance Game Distribution has recently posted up two interesting new additions to the Hordes range:

– Hordes: Minions Lord Carver, Bmmd, Esq. III $13.99
– Hordes: Minions War Hog $44.99

From the names and prices, it looks like we have some confirmation that there will be rules for a piggy faction in the upcoming Forces of Hordes: Minions book. We have at least one warlock and an accompanying warbeast for him.

So, if you thought it would have been pretty sour for a faction book to come out an not include any playable faction in it, it seems the guys at Privateer Press agree with you. I had thought as much ever since they announced that there would be a separate Minions faction book- and honestly if they want to fill a whole faction book with minions, there are going to have to be a good number of additions.

This posibility was left pretty open after the minion minor warlock cards were altered to include the possibility of more warbeasts available to them. At this point, it has crossed the line of speculation.

Now, all we really want is to see what the minis will look like.

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