Well, I’m not seeing something like that again

With being a professional miniatures painter, I often get commissions for the most popular forces. That has never bothered me- rather I often get excited to paint the same minis in different ways (even the wiggle room within a single Space Marine chapter are pretty big).

Anyway, every once in a while I get something where my response is “Wow… I don’t think I’ll ever see that one again.”

So, here’s one of those. This is a set of Imperial Guardsmen from the long discontinued Praetorian platoon (one of the only platoons that isn’t available from GW’s Imperial Guard Collectors site). They are Rough Riders who have been mounted on bikes rather than horses. Mind, the bikes you see here are also very old discontinued mini.

Now, I could have repeat commissions for classic minis- that does happen. However, the bikes and the Praetorians were not contemporaries. These bikes come from the Rogue Trader days when minis came in packages with lead warnings on the side. The riders started out as resin cavalry riders from Colonel Gravis (I had do do some sculpting one each mid-section to make them lean forward to hold the handlebars). The heads are from a Empress Miniatures, and the arms are all the new plastic Cadians.

Ok, so what I’m basically saying here is, “Man, converted Rogue Trader bikes with converted Praetorian riders on them? Yep, this is my only chance to see those minis.”

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  1. Col.Gravis

    A very nice job, but just to beg to differ, the Legs & Torso's don't originate from Forgeworld, they were components sculpted originally for the now defunct Phoenix Club (I'm the sculptor in question) and now only available from an independent caster. That said thinking they might be from Forgeworld I'll definately take that as complement! 😉

  2. Drew Olds

    Sorry about the mix up, I'll fix that right now.

    Also, very good work, those were some fine pieces.

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