Plastic Battlegroups for Warmachine

Alright, Privateer Press have just revealed their new Warmachine Mark II versions of the ‘battlegroup’ starter boxes.

The price is the same as before (although the minis have gotten a little bigger). The big thing that none of us expected is that the whole thing is made out of plastic.

Yep, not only does the box contain the new plastic version of the Slayer, but it also has new plastic Deathrippers, Defilers and- most shocking of all- a plastic Denegra.

And we’re getting the same treatment for all of the battle boxes. New plastic light warjacks and most significantly, those resculpts that we saw in Prime MkII were all made from plastic.

I’ve got to admit, from the pictures I had seen of these minis before, I had no idea that they were plastic. And some are minis that I liked more than their metal counterparts. Kreoss especially.

I can see why this makes financial sense- the battle boxes have always been underpriced to get people started in the game, and the low start up cost has always been a strong selling point for Warmachine.

It is kind of a shock that there are any plastic warcasters, but if they keep doing plastic kits that look this good, I don’t think it is a problem.

Now, I wonder if those plastic light ‘jacks are going to be sold separately. I really prefer the new Lancer and Charger to the old ones.

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  1. When you say "non of us has expected" what exactly do you mean?
    Cause the moment I saw /yet another sculpt/ for the battlebox casters in the forces books, this was the only valid explanation.

  2. Drew Olds

    They have been re-sculpting a lot of the older 'casters- starting with Alister Caine. A lot of those were just better sculpts (Skarre comes to mind) and many of them were re-sculpted to bring them in line with the proper scale of the game (some of the older minis are very small).

    Up until now all of the new sculpts had been made out of metal, so I hadn't thought that there was any reason to think that the box 'casters would be plastic.

    Also, Privateer Press had made some statements about not making everything out of plastic- characters were brought up as and example of the sort of thing that was just always going to be metal.

  3. Quixotic

    Yay for plastic battleboxes.

  4. KiloCharlie7

    I wonder if this is why they've been delaying the release of the new plastic light jacks. If we're lucky they're going the route of the plastic heavies and it'll be an all-in-one box.

  5. Drew Olds

    I agree with you there, but the way they're approaching it seems really odd.

    For example, with the Retribution Light 'jacks, they could have released the three of them in a plastic kit, but instead they released them as metal blisters separately. Anyway, it looks like they're fixing that with their other lights.

    By the way, tabletop gaming news has confirmed that the new light 'jacks will be plastic (they just haven't said if it is a one-for-all kit). I suspect that it is.

    check it out at:


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