Converted Abaddon (the despoiler)

This was a very interesting commission that I received. My client commissioned Dave Taylor to create a new version of the classic Chaos Warmaster. The original mini was made during the 2nd edition of Warhammer 40,000- that was back when terminators fit on normal sized bases. This new Abaddon doesn’t use any of the original bits, and it is rather impressive how recognizable he is.

Go ahead and read some of Dave Taylor’s thoughts on the conversion– his site is pretty inspiring as he does some excellent conversion work.

For the paintjob, I went with a more subtle glow effect and metallic metals (this mini was meant to match an existing Black Legion force after all). The glow should be just bright enough to make him stand out from his fellows.

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  1. Kuffeh

    Dave has done a great conversion, and I think you have done justice to the mini. The paint job looks great.

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