My wife started playing Warmachine a while ago.  It turns out that she really loves the undead in all varieties, so her choice to play Cryx was easy.

I remember talking to her about choosing colors for the force, and she pulled out this crazy bright orange and teal and said that she thought the undead should be brightly colored.  She actually might have gone with pink if painting Warmachine minis in pink weren’t such an institutionalized practice.

Fast forward a little, she has a brilliant looking brightly colored undead force that has started looking like Cryx to me.  So, I had to pull out my books when I was commissioned to paint a few minis up in the Privateer Press studio colors.

Overall, the Bane brown/grey color scheme fits well with my style- I like the neutral pallets.  So here they are, Cryx in Brown instead or bright orange: