Tabletop Gaming News has just started accepting nominations for their Annual Reader’s Choice Awards.

Just in miniatures systems, this year has been a wild ride.  Games Workshop updated Warhammer Fantasy Battle to its eighth incarnation, Privateer Press released a second edition for Hordes and Warmachine (along with a book every month of the year).  Malifaux and Infinity have both had significant expansions, and that’s not even counting newcomers like Dust Tactics or Freebooter’s Fate.

And the minis we’ve seen this year have been splendid.  I always love to look at TGN’s reader’s choice and have a look at anything I missed in the past year.  And there are a  lot of winners.  They have a category for every prominent genre of mini, and a lot of great contestants this year.

So go over there now and nominate your favorite games and minis.