Wyrd announces streamlined rulebook

Wyrd Miniatures just announced a new rulebook to be available soon for Malifaux:  the Malifaux Rules Manual.

This is simply a smaller version of their core rulebook- something you could easily have on hand while playing, and also a more convenient version of their core rules set (this version has been updated with their errata too).

And it will be only $15, making Malifaux the uncontested lowest buy- in for such a nice miniatures game.  And they’ll have it available in PDF, so there’s simply no reason not to try out this awesome game.

Altogether, I have to say that this looks like a wonderful idea.  I hope this is the sort of thing that catches on (I’d love to see a shorter version of the Hordes or Warmachine Rulebooks, for example).

By the way, if you haven’t tried out Malifaux yet, the game system is great.  So far, the only really large complaint with the system is that the rulebook has had some major organization issues- a problem that Wyrd’s team were aware of.

At Gencon, they told us that they would have a solution for us.  And it looks like this is it.

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