The guys over at Wyrd Miniatures have just put out a few cool PDF documents.

The first one is the Malifaux rules manual.  That’s not surprising, they had promised to make the rules manual available online.  They also told us that it was not going to have all of the fine artwork and examples of play in it, but it was going to have all of the official rules.

So it isn’t surprising that the PDF doesn’t have those things.  But those guys over at Wyrd can’t do anything without adding character to it, can they?  So, apparently this manual is the same book, only Lucius got hold of it, and decided that it was Arcanist Propaganda.  It is filled with notes on how to stop the Arcanist plot.  And, of course, large portions are marked “Confidential” or just completely censored.

I rather whole heartedly recommend buying the Rules manual- it is way prettier than any $15 gaming book should be, and the rules in it are nice and concise (and way better organized than the main Malifaux rulebook).  This PDF is really for people who already play Malifaux, and didn’t want to buy an extra book in order to get all of the rules updates (and I think it works perfectly well for that).


The second two PDFs they’ve released are official tournament rules (called Gaining Ground).  One is a printer friendly version of the same rules, and altogether it looks like a pretty solid tournament format for Malifaux- and it looks like one that takes into account some of the advantages that Malifaux offers over other miniatures games.

For example, there is a section on Crew Construction- and they have four different formats for how crew constructions can work (you can keep all models from your faction available, have a 20 point sideboard, or make a few pre-made crews from any faction you’d like).  All in all, a solid document.


So I’d better get to painting up more of my Malifaux minis.  To start, here’s Ramos.  I decided on the pocket watch because I wanted to do something very different with him.