Somehow, I have found that I really love painting these things that are not sold and packaged as minis.

Technically, I did this before I own any minis (back when I was 10, I put some shabby paintjobs onto rubber Monster in my Pocket figure).

But there’s a whole world of objects that aren’t quite minis out there. ┬áThe vast majority of them don’t have anywhere near the detail level that we demand from our minis, and all of them that I’ve worked with have some flaws in the sculpt that would never be permitted for miniatures.

But still, there is something charming about the challenge of a mini having too little detail and having to find ways of making large blank areas into eye-catching spectacles.

Here is the latest that I’ve done. ┬áThe dress needed something groovy to make it work, and so she ended up with her very own starscape.