Ok, for those of you who haven’t seen Sodapop Miniature’s unique anime inspired ranges of miniatures, they provide a unique breath of fresh air to anyone interested in miniatures.

When the guys at Sodapop first introduced the Super Dungeon Explore line to us at Gencon 2010, they promised a game to go with it. They had a demo to present to con goers, but after speaking with one of the developers, I left with the impression that their game was a ways off.

Well, not anymore. The Warstore has just opened up pre-orders for the full board game of Super Dungeon Explore.  They expect it to arrive in August of September (which I’m thinking means that we’ll see the first copies at Gencon this year).

Also, E-Figures Distribution has released details about the game.  It looks like there will be 52 minis in the box (I’m all on board with that).

Also, the game uses a board sections system rather like older dungeon crawl games (Heroquest, Space Crusade, or Mutant Chronicle’s Seige of the Citadel)- although the Super Dungeon ones will all be reversible.  Actually the whole thing looks like it is going to fit nicely into that genre.  And that sounds just great to me- especially since all those games I just mentioned have been out of print for years… and I miss them.

But honestly, I’m most excited about Super Dungeon because it looks like a game that plays to the strengths of a fairly goofy genre.  I’ll definitely be picking up a copy sometime.