Privateer Press have recently announced that they’ll be releasing an entirely plastic 2 player starter box for Warmachine.

First off, this is a really great deal for anyone who wants to start playing Warmachine- the $99 price tag includes two roughly 25 point forces, and buying everything separately would still land you with well over $200 worth of minis.

And you get a rulebook too.  Clearly a good deal.

This means that we’re also receiving a new plastic unit for the first time in a long time.  We’ve been waiting for Man-o-War shocktroopers to become plastic, and it has taken a while to get there.  It makes me wonder if Privateer Press is having trouble selling enough infantrymen to justify the price of plastic molds.

At any rate, they’re also releasing plastic Man-o-War Bombadiers- probably using the same molds with a few different weapon options.  I’d like to see where this is going, since they’re also expanding their use of resin right now.  There are many possibilities.