Many of my clients have me paint large forces, but the majority of them give me only a few minis at a time to paint.

That’s totally understandable- painting up an Apocalypse force all at once would be pretty killer (both for my schedule, and my client’s finances).  But I’m pretty sure that some of my clients are playing apocalypse games with the forces they’ve had me paint over the course of time.

The force below is one that I’ve never been able to see all together- they’re an enormous force of Praetorian imperial guardsmen.

Honestly, my hat is off to anyone willing to collect that many limited edition minis that haven’t been available for more than a decade.  That is a feat, by itself.

Then, fitting them all onto one table looks like it was another feat.  The only mini that’s missing from the photo is the Armorcast Titan (also no longer available, and epic enough to have his own gallery).

So, here are some pics of the whole force together:

Now, it that’s too much to take in all at once, here are some broken up shots- you can click for larger images: