So, a little while ago, I received a commission to match some harlequins to an existing Dark Eldar force.  My client, in this case, was very specific about the colors- mostly they would be in black and white, but they were each to have one bright color on them (selected from one of the bright colors on the Dark Eldar force).

Otherwise, the designs were up to me.  I actually highly recommend treating harlequins this way.  Aside from being some of the best minis that the Citadel range has to offer, they really do give you a free pass to go wild with your freehand.  Reigning this in with tight color control is a terrific idea.

Since I don’t play Eldar or Dark Eldar, I’ll have a little more trouble finding an excuse to pick up some of these minis for myself.  I do play Space  Hulk, though, and I’ve seen some pretty strong rules for them that could easily be updated into 3rd ed.  Still, they’ll have to wait until some of my other projects are finished.

So, here they are: