Impact Miniatures are a small company known for their fantasy football minis.  They have a number of great minis that look right at home on the Blood Bowl or Elfball pitch.

Their latest addition is a set of Dungeon tiles

With 30mm squars.  Yep, it looks like it is made for everyone who loves the old 3rd ed Dungeonbowl rules that never had a board of their own (for those of you who don’t remember, those rules actually used the old Warhammer Quest board- and that’s been out of print for an age too).

The Elfball label Impact has put on it implies that they’ll have some Elfball compatible rules to go along with it, and that’s a great bonus aswell.

It is a bit of a shame that the GW dungeonbowl rules aren’t available right now (although I still have a PDF saved from when GW did have it on their site).

Anyway, it looks like a nice product if you’d care to check it out.