Anyone who wasn’t convinced that Kickstarter and Indiegogo had changed miniatures gaming with Zombicide, OGRE and Sedition War, well… you’re about to see one that hits home for more people.

Reaper Miniatures, the Texas based miniatures company, has started up a campaign to accelerate funding on their new Bones line.

Reaper Bones miniatures are re-casts of older Reaper sculpts but in plastic. The plastic in this case lowers the price to ludicrous levels.

I mean, you can get a pack of six Kobolds for $3.50, or an Ogre or a Troll for $2.50. Their Minotaur is their most expensive mini yet, weighing in at a hefty three dollars and fifty cents. Reaper minis were never all that expensive, but these prices are really silly.

Here are some of the minis they’re planning on expanding their range with:

Soon to be Reaper Bones minis
My favorite is the Julie Guthrie Paladin standing on the dragon head. It won Gencon’s sculpting competition last year. It looks like they’re not going to the bottom of the barrel here, these are some of their best sculpts.

Well, they want to expand the range more quickly using Kickstarter funds to make more molds. Otherwise, the high cost of molds combined with the low price point on the minis would meant that they’d be rolling this out slowly.

And all of us fans want minis now.

They have a bunch of great rewards set up- many of them at lower pledge levels. They’ve made a limited edition Kickstarter Sophie for it.

Kickstarter Sophie

Think of it a little like the Sedition Wars or Zombicide Kickstarters, only without the premise that they’ll give you a game along with your tons of minis. And they’re already starting to add rewards to the $100 level.

They’re currently at 67 minis for $100. Their next stretch goal will turn that into 71 minis, and we all know where it goes from there. With thirty one days to go, this could probably keep you painting for a very long time.