Relic Knights has a new Kickstarter

Ok, this time of year must be Kickstarter season. Sodapop Miniatures has just started up a new Kickstarter to turn their Relic Knights line into a full game.

The major cost their hoping to use this for is turning their existing resin and metal line into affordable plastics. It seems like everyone is turning to plastics these days.

If the prices on the Kickstarter are any indication, the cost of playing Relic Knight, then the plastics are dropping the price way down.

The new releases they have lined up look pretty steller too. Here’s an Ogre that they’re adding to the Shattered Sword Paladins:

Paladin Ogre

Now, I play a lot of miniatures games already, and I get excited about minis even when I don’t feel the need to play the game they work in. This one is different.

I’m one of those people who went to Gencon last year, and I’ve played this game using the beta rules set. And the game rocks.

They’ve created a game that works brilliantly with a fairly simple set of actual rules, but a ton of tactical decision making. What you end up with is a game that moves very quickly, and keeps both players active the whole time.

In addition, the game doesn’t have a ’round.’ Instead each scenario has winning (or losing/drawing) conditions and when those are met, the game ends.

The only thing we really haven’t seen yet is what kinds of extras they’ll be adding after they’ve made thier $100k mark. I mean, they’re following the last two Kickstarters to come out of Coolmini- so they’re a little obligated to throw in scores of extras.

I guess we’ll see.

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