The Paizo booth at Gencon was buzzing along pretty solidly anytime I walked by. So much Pathfinder stuff for people to see.

One interesting note was that Reaper wasn’t around this year. They decided to go to PAX Prime, and couldn’t make both venues (and keep up their Kickstarter at the same time). That meant that Paizo was displaying Reaper’s Pathfinder minis for them.

What I found interesting, though, was that Pathfinder has three ranges of miniatures (four if you include the upcoming Pathfinder Bones minis).

But in addition to Reaper’s fine line of Pathfinder minis, they also had Wizkids’ line of pre-painted minis, and a brand new line of cardboard cutout minis.

It seems like Paizo is doing something that most game companies don’t dare to try. They’re making different products to please different folks.

As a painter, I would never buy either the cardboard or pre-painted minis. But there are minis for me, and they look great. And it is great that Paizo can do three lines for three different audiences and not worry about how they must be splitting their fan base and losing sales.

It just feels nice that they’re not telling their fans what to want, and instead just making products that appeal to the very different ways in which people play their game.

It is a good attitude to see from the top RPG on the market.