Privateer Press is a little popular at the con…

So, most of you probably already knew that Gencon was the pre-release for Privateer Press‘ new Level 7 board game, the new guargantuans, and the Iron Kingdoms RPG system.

Once the hall opened, they had a line of about five hundred people to pick up things from their booth. That lasted until about three in the afternoon, when they finally sold the last of the RPG books.

I’ve played the RPG under the old D20 rules for a long time, and it is easily among my favorite settings. I hadn’t actually expected that it was a favorite system for so many other people as well. I had a friend of mine make it to the front of that line in time, but he hasn’t let me borrow his book yet.

Anyway, perhaps to entertain the people in line, Matt DiPietro set to painting the newest Colossal- the Protectorate Judicator.

Overall, it was looking pretty terrific, even if it wasn’t all that finished or even completely assembled.

On a side note, Matt won this years “Ace of Aces” speed painting competition and was awarded a rubber oven mitt.

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