Ok, some of you may know that I’m a bit of a fan of Sodapop Miniatures.

The first year, Deke told me about how they were making rules for their Relic Knights line of anime inspired miniatures. He told me about how cool it was going to be-  but they didn’t really have rules yet.

Last year, they had rules. So, I walked up to Deke and said, “Look, I already play several miniatures games. What about your rules set makes your game unique?” He had the best answer I’ve ever had for that question.

But I can’t answer that question in a very short space.  Instead, I recommend that you check out the rules set they just posted online.   Including stat cards for every mini they’ve released or previewed (except for some Limited Edition minis from the Kickstarter).  Really, this game plays like no other miniatures game I’ve played.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with the beta rules, and I think this game is great.  The current set has a few things that I think are improvements as well.

Here are some pictures of their case of minis from this year’s Gencon:

Here’s the Librarian for Doctrine- flanked behind him by one of Hell’s Bells.

Lug is a pretty nice looking mini.  Gorilla Mechs are great.

Not new miniatures, but Delphine and Ehkis are one of my favorite pairs in the game.

This is the questing knight for Black Diamond.  We’ve seen the mini before, but only unpainted.

Here are the Paladin Infantry.


And this giant mech is on an eighty millimeter base.  Simply massive.