Families that slay together…

So, I work with a lot of couples preparing for their wedding day. Unlike most wedding based businesses, I also get to see how well they’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

This couple, for example, sent me a photo of them in torn clothing holding these weapons (and there were even some zombies in the background). To be honest, I think it might have been the clearest vision I’ve ever been given, and almost none of it was in words.

This couple had me give them both combat vests and military weaponry. Overall, I’m considering them among the best prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

This last one is a little different from most of the zombie fighters that I do. For one thing, both figures are free standing, and for another the groom is wearing street clothes. Also, their cake will have zombies climbing the sides and so they wanted to be able to aim their figures at particular zombies. Overall, I’ll bet it will make a great diorama on the big day.

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