At Templecon, Privateer Press announced the next new faction for Warmachine is going to be called The Convergence of Cyriss.

Those of us who weren’t at Templecon can see their presentation in this video.

I’m among those who have been playing the Iron Kingdoms RPG for a long time, and, well, we’ve been hoping to see the Cult of Cyriss show up in Warmachine.

So, this is one of the factions that I’ve been wanting to see show up for a while now (another one is Infernals for Hordes, but we can wait on that one).


There is quite a bit of great material for them in the fluff, and it looks to me like they’re going to be using it quite well (the vector mechanics look intriguing to say the least).

And the minis look great. They’re really lending something new to Warmachine’s aesthetic.

So here’s hoping that Privateer reveals a colossal for them pretty soon.