Iron Kingdoms has weekly expansions

Privateer Press has started doing what they’ve titled “Full Metal Fridays.”

What this means is every Friday, they’ll have a small expansion for their Iron Kingdoms RPG.

The D20 version of their RPG was supported for a good long while through a number of book expansions and No Quarter magazine. In addition to that, Warmachine and Hordes have been expanding the world above and beyond.

With the re-release of the RPG core book, there clearly wasn’t enough room to put in everything that the setting has to offer.

They must have tons of material that they can’t get it in print fast enough. I mean, this comes after slew of No Quarter articles and some other download content.

So, right now we’re on week two, and we’ve received Satyxis as a playable race and Raider as a playable class.

Here’s looking forward to more where that came from.

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