The theme today seems to be swords. I have a few friends who had swords at their weddings (it is traditional to arm the best man, to warn off would be kidnappers). Unfortunately, they were all married before I started making cake toppers.

There are so many different kinds of swords one could bring (either to the wedding or to the zombie apocalypse).

The Machete seems to be a standard weapon in the zombie apocalypse. I wouldn’t blame anyone either- it is the largest full tang blade I keep around the house (for gardening…).

Katanas are always nice as well. As long as you keep it sharp, they might be some of the best swords around.

This guy is disproving the notion that the Marine Saber is only ceremonial.

These two are fencers and use their Rapiers. Good Toledo steel.

And these two armed themselves with different sabers: