Here’s another piece that I painted for Gencon’s competition.

Last year, I got to meet with sculptor Jeff Grace (who was working on a cool mini for Dark Sword at the time). We talked a little, and got on the subject of Star Wars, and how to turn his current sculpt into a Sith (we did consider that she could have been a jedi, but she wanted to be more evil than that).

We also discussed how this is true of a lot of his sculpts for Dark Sword, and how awesome it would be if someone were to create a diorama of a lightsaber fight between a Sith and Jedi using his sculpts.

Naturally, I had to agree that this diorama needed to exist. I’m not totally sure that he meant it as a personal challenge, but I couldn’t just leave an idea this awesome on the table.

So, a year and many hours of converting and painting later, we have these dueling jedi (both created from Jeff Grace sculpts for Dark Sword’s Visions in Fantasy line).

I’ve done quite a bit of OSL before, but in this case I found it was quite a bit more complex than usual. The three light sources in three different colors did give me a bit of a headache at times. I have to thank Janci’s criticism for letting me know when and how it wasn’t working so that I could get the light just right.

Dueling Jedi

Dueling Jedi from the left

dueling jedi from the right