Studio McVey shows off Plastics for The Others

Ok, one does not simply summarize Gencon. There’s just way too much going on, and no one person who went actually got to see it all. Not even close.

But I’ll make a few posts for a few of my highlights.

I got to talk to Mike McVey about what they’ve been up to. currently working on a new game with Guillotine.

He didn’t talk about the rules- the guys over at Guillotine Games (Zombicide) are in charge of that side of things. But the miniatures looked fantastic. The monsters are embodiments of the seven deadly sins- basically think of the sins themselves as different daemonic factions with greater and lesser versions of each sin:




The story is that a cult opened up a hell portal and invited these monsters into the world. The heroes include quite a few dark urban style characters (vampires, werewolves, or modern sorcerers).



But even more significant than the beautiful painted minis, they were showing off Plastic versions. After some of the complaints about the quality drop between the resin masters and the production plastics of Sedition Wars, Mike McVey decided they needed to get someone new to produce their plastic minis, and


They were even selling the plastic version of their Pride sculpt. Not a Resin one.

I got to see it up close, and the plastic detail is fantastic. I honestly stood there looking over the resin and plastic minis next to one another, and honestly I couldn’t see any loss of detail.


Whoever they got to cast their new plastic line is really doing a fantastic job.

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