I’ve been making zombie survivor cake toppers for brides and grooms for a while now, and somehow I feel that there’s a lot to be said about the weapons they choose.

Firstly, I’d like to thank The Walking Dead for pointing out to us just how useful a crossbow is when fighting zombies. Sure, the shotgun or chainsaw will kill loads of them, but it’s a double edged sword (erm, a double edged chainsaw?) because you’re likely to draw the attention of far more than you kill.

But a crossbow- that’s silent. And there’s even a decent chance of recovering precious ammo.

(of course, that’s all for nought if you hang around with a guy who’s all the time firing his assault rifle).

Also, I feel that The Hunger Games has taught us that a traditional bow is actually a pretty badass weapon, and has a place in the modern arsenal. And with many of the advantages of the crossbow.

Of course, many of the couples I make toppers for are far more interested in battling orcs than zombies, and a good number of the bows and crossbows I make aren’t considering those advantages vs. firearms. Some of them might even be enchanted.