Cool Mini has had a pretty strong showing at Gencon each year that I’ve gone.

This year, their big seller was Blood Rage- which I didn’t manage to get any photos of.

However, I did get some pictures of some of their other upcoming stuff.

They had some resin casts of their Rum and Bones range. The favorite of every painter I met was definitely the Panda:


They also had some new releases for Dark Age.


I think it is interesting how much Dark Age has changed recently with resculpts of old characters. The game used to use a Games Workshop style of exaggerating the anatomy, but as they re-sculpt the range, they’ve pulled back on that quite a bit (just have a look at the St. Judas in the above picture). I really like the changes, and I think this goes a long way to help out the line.

Not that all minis should be proportioned realistically. CMON has several ranges that benefit from the exaggeration. Like B-Seiged:


Oh, and Arcadia Quest. They had quite a bit to show off from the upcoming set- probably a stand alone expansion headed to Kickstarter:





They also had some lovely painted minis to show off… and some less lovely painted minis you could buy:


Arcadia Quest 3

There was also a good Wrath of Kings presence- I just love seeing those minis painted up so well. Having Jen Haley as your studio painter really adds a lot to a line: