The first miniatures game I ever got into was Space Crusade- a joint venture of Games Workshop and Milton Bradley that worked as a sort of gateway into the world of miniatures gaming.

The early ’90s were a flourishing time for these kinds of miniatures board games, with things like Heroquest, Dragonstrike and Siege of the Citadel acting as gateways into Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons and Mutant Chronicles.

For a while, it seemed like the era of the miniatures board game had passed. Then Kickstarter, and other ventures by CMON have brought it into a new heyday. We’ve got loads of fantastic miniatures board games coming out all the time, and even a double resurrection of Space Hulk.

Well, the Mutant Chronicles miniatures board game -Siege of the Citadel- is coming back. The game featured an attack on the mutant stronghold by heroes from all of the Mutant Chronicles factions. Like Space Crusade, they’re trying to complete their missions while sagotaging one another.

This time around the minis will be made by Prodo, and the rules will be updated by a team including Eric Lang (I feel sometimes like he designs every game nowdays).

The game is slated for a release in October 2016- and we haven’t seen any official photos of the new minis or new concepts yet.

So, here are a couple of Prodos’ interpretations of the heroes that used to be part of the old Siege of the Citadel game: