The time has finally come. People are actually getting their Kingdom Death: Monster base games.

Yes, it has been an extremely delayed kickstarter, but in the end, it has delivered a game that is really fantastic.

And the miniatures are wonderful.

I didn’t actually get in on the Kickstarter (I’ve played the game with a friend of mine, and now I’m staring at that $400 retail price tag and doing the math).

However, I did get a commission to create bases for the monsters that more closely match the plane of faces (like the scenic bases created for the survivors).

These are to be painted by my client, so what you see here is just the sculpture- made from a mixture of Apoxie sculpt and green stuff:

– One of the few details my client asked for specifically was to have a face spewing blood out of its mouth for the Butcher.

And some places for lava.