In the miniatures world, these two small companies both made names for themselves for their fantastic lines of minis.  And later on, both of them started making games.

The Kingdom Death booth was fairly packed throughout Gencon.  But unlike last year, they also had things to sell.  They had a few copies of Kingdom Death: Monster- which sold out very quickly.  They also had most of their expansions available, some at significant discounts, and they had a number of individual minis for sale in resin and in plastic.

The plastic minis all came with promo cards for KD:M- new events for the hunt deck, new gear cards and fighting arts.  Tiny game expansions that won’t be missed if you don’t have them, but are pretty cool none-the-less.

They also had a painted miniatures display including the upcoming Frog Dog:


kd 1

Some of you might also notice the little Chibi diorama in there as well.  That’s actually one of my creations- Adam Poots liked it when he saw it, and asked if he could put it in his cabinet for gencon.  I’ll be taking better photos of it soon.

And a resin master for an upcoming monster that we don’t know.  I’m sorry the pictures aren’t just a little bit dark, I don’t feel there was any way I could really capture all the detail he had on him.

kd 2


At the Wyrd booth, they were showing off a lot of cool new minis




The ones that caught my eye most were new minis for their upcoming “The Other Side” game.  This is a game in the same setting as Malifaux, but in it we will be playing out the battles in the world beyond the breach.

One thing I hadn’t expected- these minis are massive!  I believe the bases shown here are 120mm- far larger than anything we’ve seen from the Malifaux setting before.


This might also give us an inkling as to the factions on The Other Side.  We have a very steampunk robot here-

reminds me just a bit of the colossals Privateer Press has been putting out.

Wyrd Colossal


The second one looks like a massive mutant Silurid.  Not something I was expecting to see on the Other Side.

Wyrd Colossal 2