So I really like board games with cool minis. Two of the board games that I’ve spent the most time playing are Kingdom Death: Monster and Super Dungeon Explore! Both are great games with fantastic minis- although the tones each use could hardly be farther apart.

The developers of these games know each other, and When both games went to Kickstarter, they took the opportunity to do a cool cross over. So means that we got a really cute chibi of the Twilight Knight.

She makes a great mini, and I’d have been happy to leave it off there, but the fluff on her card implies that if those super cute Super Dungeon characters go into the Nether Rift in their seting, they end up in the brutal and bloody hell world of Kingdom Death.

So I got to thinking about this, and decided that I really needed to expand on this idea of the cute little chibis on the Planes of Faces.

I first imagined that I’d create a diorama of this concept, but before I made the minis, I realized that I really wanted them to be completely playable. So this first diorama features magnetic bases, and the minis can be removed so that we can actually play Kingdom Death or Super Dungeon Explore with them.

The Twilight Knight is a brilliant mini. After Kingdom Death came out, I considered using one of the base inserts for her, but soon realized that she needed to be standing on large Chibi faces for this to look right.

The lion comes from Impact! Miniatures, and has only had some slight mods made to his hands and neck (so that he could turn far enough for the diorama.

I brought this to Gencon with me, and Adam Poots asked me if he could display it at his booth alongside his beautiful studio minis.