I can do many different poses for various cake toppers (and once in a while, I get to do a brand new pose). But one that I get to see over and over again is the Kissing Gamers.

The pose involves a couple about to kiss- each holding something in their hands. Mostly, these are videogame controllers, but I’ve done magic wands, books, even a camera and lightsaber.

Here are three that I’ve made recently.

One of the advantages of a topper like this is that it doesn’t have a definite front and back- it works from many angles.

Here is one where the bride wanted to hold a magic wand.

The cake toppers are all custom made to order- these toppers match brides and grooms. I especially like to match wedding dresses- there is such a wide variety of dress designs out there, and matching the bride’s actual dress is a nice touch.